Why the Cons Need Guns.

It has been reported that Congress has stymied research on gun violence since 1996 by explicitly prohibiting the spending of dollars for such research by the Centers for Disease Control. Given that one of the main Congressional obligations is to “provide for the general welfare, the wanton killing of thirty thousand persons a year, most in the prime of life, coming up with a sensible stragegy to prevent that would seem a reasonable thing to do. But, the Congress taking the opposite tack is actually quite rational.

For, if there aren’t any threats from other humans, then there’s no justification for “protection,” and if there’s no justification for “protection,” what are our overlords going to do? Go back to their obligation to provide for the general welfare, you say? That would be nice. It would be even nicer, if the stewards of our natural and man made resources made sure they actually served and provided for the welfare of the population. However, the people selected for those jobs in recent decades simply aren’t qualified. They are incompetent.

All the majority of elected representatives, at all levels, seem capable of is talk. They can verbalize a lot, but that’s all. “All hat, no cattle,” is another way of saying it.

Anyway, people who can’t manage things, if only because they are out of touch with their material environment, have little choice but to try to manage people. And that means relying on threats and persuasion and a whole heap of propaganda.

Spreading lies is actually hard work. The lie has to be constantly repeated, if reality is not to pop up and destroy it. The enemy of the lie is not the truth, as we might think. No, the enemy of the lie is reality. That’s why fictions have to be carefully maintained.

And, believe it or not, for the instinct-driven that’s easy because rote repetition is their constant mode. It is our misfortune, that the judicial system has become convinced consistency is evidence of truth. As a result, the habitual liar gets off.

The cons don’t need an enemy to define themselves. Just as the shepherd needs the wolf to keep the flock in line, cons need an enemy threat to justify rendering the majority subservient. The sheep, of course, do not know the shepherd intends to eat them bye and bye.

I am still tempted to conclude that the practitioners of human husbandry were defeated in the desert by the shepherds of Iraq.