Day or Night



Day or night, the message is the same. People who read English need to be supervised; people who read Spanish need a permit or risk being arrested by the police. Talk about “unequal treatment.” It seems some bureaucrats in southern Delaware do not comprehend that the strictures in the Amendments to the Constitution are addressed to them, the agents of government. However, they should not be blamed. That the law exists to rule is, after all, a widely held assumption. Surely, if a woman’s uterus can be subject to the rule of law, so can the children produced by that uterus.

What good does it do a man who, despite having been given dominion over all the earth, cannot determine the fate of his off-spring, and those of his neighbor, as well?

Some people would point to the signage as an example of racism. It isn’t. It’s an example of the impulse to segregate and exclude some humans (any group will do) for the purpose of making the unexcepted and un-excluded feel superior and good, even as they are presumed ignorant of a foreign language. The presumption of ignorance is probably the most offensive. Spanish speakers have recourse in the courts. What can the citizens in whose name this outrage was committed do? Yes, they can have the sign removed, but the insult to their intelligence by arrogant public servants is not so easily countered. Favoritism at someone else’s expense is particularly pernicious. It generates animosity for no good reason. It’s like the snake in the garden persuading Adam and Eve that their Creator only made them to deprive them of wisdom.

You are too stupid to know that I’m out to ruin you.

Delaware is not a friendly place. At least not on the south side of Milford.


In addition to the warning about required permits and enforcement by the police, there’s a comprehensive set of prohibitions:


1. Trespassing

2. Loitering

3. Operating of motor vehicles, motorcycles or scooters on lawns, playing fields or tracks

4. Climbing on buildings or fences

5. Use of any unlicensed motor vehicles. e.g. motorcycles, mini bikes. go carts, etc.

6. Flying model airplanes or golf playing.

7. Use of profane, loud or abusive language.

8. Use of any intoxicating beverage or drugs.

9. Carrying & use of firearms, bows and arrows.

10. Horseback riding or walking of horses or dogs

11. Defacing or destroying this property.


This is a good example of the belief that the purpose of the law is to control behavior, consistent with the prejudice that humans are evil and the state has been organized to make them good. Or, as Breitbart wailed, “Behave.”



At last report, the superintendent of schools moved to remove the discriminatory signage. However, the attitude expressed in the prohibitions will not be affected.