The Culture of Obedience and the Gun.

It is true that you can’t eat a gun. However, for the impotent, potency is more important than sustenance. Besides, since the beginning of the nation, property rights have trumped human rights. We have been led to accept the ownership of things as a substitute for respect for our properties (speech, perambulation, association, recreation, etc.). That’s because free men are difficult to control. When they are attached to their belongings, they are easier to manipulate. Neither liberty nor equality are desired when the object is social control. And social control is a necessity for people who have few if any talents with which to sustain themselves.

The incompetent are impotent. So, it makes sense that they crave the power to make others care for them. Lucky are those whose gift for gab enables them to dissemble and coerce what they need for themselves without having to resort to physical threats. The incompetent, impotent and inarticulate need a gun.