A Confederacy of Sadists.

That’s what we have in our Uncle Cons. How else to explain the vote in the U.S. Senate to dis the disabled? What else do you call people who kick people when they are down?

In popular lingo, sadism tends to be associated with kinky sexual practices. But, I think that’s a distraction from the fact that some people get satisfaction out of just about any kind of deprivation that’s visited on someone else, either by themselves or the fates. Schadenfreude. It isn’t necessarily about just deserts. Sadists take pleasure in giving hurt. Deprivation–that’s the ticket.

Funny word that–deprivation. To take away privacy. Isn’t that what failing to respect a person’s bodily integrity is about? The right to privacy. Of course, if deprivation is to be legal, as it obviously is in the abusive U.S., then the right to privacy has to be compromised, if it is even recognized. If humans can be exploited at will, then privacy is not an issue to even be considered.

“At will,” is also an interesting concept. Whose will is involved when abusive behavior is the issue? As the law stands now, if the victim consents, or perhaps simply fails to object, then deprivation is not even abuse. Rather, it is transformed into self-sacrifice and the deprivator becomes the instrument of virtue. In effect, evil, more than being neutralized by the victim’s consent, is perverted into good.

So, when we countenance abuse without objection, we participate in the perversion of evil into good. To stand silent is to give assent. It is not a matter of doing nothing. Evil triumphs when we don’t speak up.

Which brings me back to the position that when authority stands silent in the face of abuse, it becomes complicit. And then there is the question of to what extent we are all authorities. Can we just demur or wash our hands like Pontius Pilate?