The Power of No.

No is a sign of desperation, at least when it is being uttered by politicians in legislative positions. No is a sign of insecurity. How else to justify people who natter about Amercia, the super power, and then choose not to play a prominent role on the world stage? It makes no sense to deny the rights of handicapped people abroad, except for people who get their kicks out of knowing they aren’t crips. That it is just a matter of time before some handicap catches up with them does not concern them. Why? Because they exist in the moment, the ineffable present, and are quite possibly incapable of thinking about the future. While it looks like a lack of empathy, I am more and more convinced that some people simply cannot think ahead and they cannot put themselves into strange situations. The idealists seem to have no imagination.

Perhaps their ideas come to them as in a dream and just as we are incapable of editing or redirecting our dreams, these idealists can’t do it awake. They can’t change their minds.

Imagine that!