The Debt "Problem"

The problem is not debt. The problem is the predator’s inability or refusal to recognize and honor debts. Predatory species exact their sustenance without giving anything back, intentionally or unintentionally. (The bee provides a service in exchange for the pollen it collects. It doesn’t mean to fertilize the flower; it’s just part of the natural process. Predators destroy their prey. When humans behave like predators, they behave the same way. They destroy without giving anything back or being creative. Claiming that eventually nature will create something new out of what man destroys is accurate, but irrelevant as an excuse. It is *ex post facto*. However, I will postulate that perhaps those humans who turn to predatory behavior do so because they have no sense of time. Ditto for not honoring debts and obligations. If a person does not perceive reality in a linear manner, in which past, present and future are distinct entities, the it is likely impossible to think forward or give back. People who exist in an ineffable present simply have no clue. (Anthropoligists claim to have discovered a tribe in the Amazon that has a unique language, no history and no numbers. It’s my guess that the only thing unique is that everyone in the tribe shares these deficits. If we’d been tracking them over generations, we might discover that individuals who do have a sense of time just up and leave. And the tribe doesn’t notice because they only know what and whom they see. If an individual leaves, they don’t remember. They don’t remember who dies, either.)

Anyway, whether it’s the result of a sensory deficit or not, human predators take or extract without giving anything back or even restoring what they’ve disrupted. Indeed, they are the ex-men and their repertoire is extensive. They











That the words for their behavior are so common tells us the people who behave that way are common. Perhaps they are hunters because they lack the capacity to cooperate and take turns. Taking turns requires a sense of time or the ability to follow orders–take direction.

Perhaps that is why people lacking in self direction present us with a conundrum. The absence of self direction makes it necessary for them to be directed, but they don’t know it and their habit of verbally repeating directions and, in effect, giving orders, is confusing because their audience doesn’t realize they’re just passing something on. We assume people know what they are talking about, especially if they speak with an authoritative voice, but that’s a mistake because people lacking in self-direction don’t.

Good followers cannot lead. If that’s true, then promoting followers into leadership positions is a recipe for disaster. And training people for leadership positions would seem to be impossible.

Why is that? Because, in order to accomplish any material transformation, one has to know how the processes of nature work and process can’t be understood without a sense of order and sequence –i.e. time. Time is of the essence. Everything happens over time. Obligations can’t be carried out, if there is no sense of time. So, it is quite consistent for people who recognize no debt to deny the future. If they exist in an ineffable present, there is no future. There is only now. The present is perforce ineffable, if there is no past or future to compare it with. Just as other people are incomprehensible, if there is no self to compare them with.

There is no arguing with the ineffable. People who exist in the present have to be told what to do. It is not fair to ask them what they want, because they do not know what they want. They only know what they don’t want–whatever feels inconvenient or uncomfortable. Negativity is their constant reality and so they natter. Following their directives? That way lies disaster.

Are dogs merely wolves that have evolved to have a sense of time?