Why I don't donate to public media.

Exacting nickels and dimes via guilt is a very inefficient way to fund public projects. I don’t listen to the radio much and don’t watch TV at all, but whenever I turn on public radio anymore, they’re begging for money. It’s a waste of my time.

Time is not money. But using money is supposed to save time, the only definitely limited asset we have. We don’t know how much time we have, but it is absolutely certain to run out for each and every one of us. So, every minute wasted is as good as stolen. That’s not behavior I intend to reward.

How many candidates for the legislature are promising to secure adequate funding for public media? How many are making the argument that if public media were providing adequate coverage of all elections all the time, including forums at which all candidates are reviewed, it wouldn’t be necessary to beg for political contributions to subsidize private media?

Money is not the problem. The misuse of money is the problem. Letting middlemen, who contribute no value, siphon off money for their own profit, as if they were highwaymen of old is a problem. Why do highwaymen stand with their hand out to obstruct passage? Because they have neither product nor service that anyone wants to buy. All they have is the threat of force to coerce support. Making the coercion legal by giving the contracts does not change the fact that they are getting something for nothing. Since they are worthless, we doubtless have to support them. What we don’t have to do is let them set the terms. Middlemen are like parasites; they have to be kept in check.