"Half the stops."

Some creatures are good travelers. Others not. Maybe it comes down to whether they’re doing it on their own hook. “Tiger,” our orange cat, apparently had an aversion to water and a strong sense of place. So, on the trip down to Florida in 1977, the cage he was in, inside the car, had to be covered whenever we crossed a body of water, to keep him from howling most desperately. Once we were settled in Florida, the cat stayed in close proximity to the car, or any other vehicle parked by the house, got himself covered in oil and grease and never bothered to clean himself.

The next summer, not knowing what to expect but prepared for the worst, we loaded the car with the kids and the cat in his cage (so he wouldn’t jump out and get lost at rest stops along the way). “Tiger” settled down, making nary a peep for the entire trip, and when we arrived at his old home, he headed for the back door, waited to be let in and headed for where his food bowl used to be.

At the end of the summer, when we packed the car for the return to Florida, “Tiger” was nowhere to be found. So, we left instructions with the tenants for his feeding and he continued as the “house cat” for the rest of his years. Florida was, apparently, not to his liking. It was either in the wrong direction or just too hot.

The latter would support the hypothesis that creatures migrate largely in response to the ambient temperature. If so, then the warming of the atmosphere is likely to significantly affect the migratory patterns of our feathered friends.

All of this is an introduction to the new “Seamus” ad from the Save Our Environment Action Fund.

It resonates:

There once was a candidate named Mitt

He was quite the notable twit

His doggie, named Seamus

Would later be famous

For covering Mitt’s wagon with shit!

Seamus Romney could only say “woof!”

‘Bout Mitt’s cruelty, so callous and aloof

But if he had speech

He would surely beseech

Hey Dumbass! Luggage goes on the roof!

Now his handlers could only kvetch

‘Cuz Mitts answers seemed like a stretch

Clear cut doggie negelct?

That’s what one can expect

When your candidate’s an Etch-A-Sketch!