So, what are the voters? Chopped liver?

Republican presidential candidates come in a variety of flavors. One seems intent on gathering endorsements from party has-beens, while another is firmly fixated on challenging the dragon Obama. Another is content to bask in his own reflected glory and the golden glow of his third wife. But, what all of these self-centered individuals, including the one that have dropped off the stage, seem to agree on is that citizens exist to be trashed.

No longer is it a question of ignoring the general welfare. The contest now centers on who can propose the greatest deprivation and continue to extort the largest monetary donations in the interest of defeating Obama. And nobody voices a doubt that mounting such a challenge is a worthy effort. Perhaps that’s because not only an enemy, but failing is a necessity for the instinct-driven. Success would not only be anti-climactic, but stultifying. Failure by design isn’t just a guarantor of longevity in office for politicians, it’s the very stuff of agency. People, who lack self-direction, it seems need the spur of defeat to keep them moving.

The voters are an after-thought. If they fall for the propaganda, too bad for them. Candidates on a treadmill need opponents to keep them going and supporters to provide the fuel. Chopped liver.