News from Dewey Square, Boston


Mark and I decided to go to OWS in Dewey Square in Boston today and check it out for ourselves. It actually was a bit smaller than I thought, but every inch that was allotted these brave people was put to good use. It was very clean and mostly full of small inexpensive pup-like tents. I guess last night there was a bit of an uproar, when they were not allowed to have a real sink to wash their dishes in. occupyb2.jpg

At least one was arrested, and this is why we were told more police than usual were present. Because Mark is a retired state trooper, we got to speak to them one on one. I think anyone could actually. Mark and I hate guns.


Police were dressed casually and there appeared to be ones.. undercover. The police were told they must work there and were so short-handed, they were bringing in transit authority police. The regular Boston police were being forced to work their days off. Good pay but they too didn’t think there needed to be so many of them there. The police were behaving well and all people in this area were courteous to all.

People were singing at the entrance and at the far end great informative speeches were being given to a dozen or so spectators. We saw only a few people walking about and we were allowed to visit the living areas. I talked to a Ron Paul supporter for over a half hour, I saw a bright young veteran by his tent and also got to talk to a Channel 5 reporter. occupyb3.jpg

My talks centered on the purpose of the movement and improving Washington by lessening the powers of lobbying with money and corporation powers, electing the right politicians and finally using tax dollars for education, caring for all and infrastructure therefore creating jobs in America.

I did talk to a very young transit authority policeman and he did not get it at all. He was of the military mind, said there was lots of drugs there and homeless. I did not see this, but few of the actually occupants were in the open at noon on Friday. The air smelled wonderfully fresh and clean. An older policeman was more of my mind and totally sympathized with the movement. So many rumors are still popping up to what really is happening at OWS. I found it to be extremely peaceful and safe. In reading up on the movement, I find that people of all sorts of beliefs politically have come together peacefully globally on many issues. occupyb4.jpg I wish Washington would do the same.

My thoughts are these people are sacrificing lots by keeping this movement alive. I would not be willing to sleep or stay in a tent these cold nights. occupyb7.jpg

To think this is happening worldwide, must tell all of the desperation many feel about government as it presently is. I am not sure what the next step is. I am thinking that through the Winter it must be carried on by constant open short protests and organized efforts, to approach individual causes and organizations one by one and asking all how they would like to remove money and greed worldwide that is overpowering the powers of real people. occupyb8.jpg