"Kill the Agency"

“Consumer” is a pejorative designation for people in the marketplace of goods and services whose role as buyers has been effectively denied. It’s pejorative because it asserts that the urge to acquire is a manifestation of greed and gluttony and lust and sloth–i.e. almost a handful of cardinal sins–which justifies cheating people out of what they actually get. It’s “buyer beware” because you’re going to get ripped off–your just deserts for having even dared to enter the lists.

That said, since I agree that what are referred to as “consumer rights,” which came on the scene along with “civil rights” and are likely to be more potent, in the long run, in according people a modicum of their human rights, the terminology will just have to do. Besides, since production and consumption are part of a loop and the participants are ultimately the same, assuring the rights of consumers is going to be good for everyone but the human predators and parasites who only exploit and don’t contribute.

Not to mention that consumer security has a lot more merit than national security. At least consumers are living organisms. The nation is an impersonal figment of the imagination with no moral sense whatever.