Give and take, a conservative conundrum

No doubt, conservatives feel incredibly burdened. That’s not unusual, when a person is basically incompetent and has no talents that anyone wants to access.

An hypothesis —

Perhaps some people, in addition to having no sense of time and no sense of direction, also have no sense of give and take. They know how to take and how to give, in the sense of receiving or handing something over. What seems to be missing is the understanding that the taker is receiving what someone else doesn’t want and the giver, in effect, delivers what someone else wants. Indeed, that central understanding seems to be missing from economic theory, which assumes that all humans are directed by want. Perhaps that’s what’s wrong with classical economic theory; it was developed by conservatives.

Anyway, for such a transaction to be carried out between individuals whose interests differ, a person has to be aware of both his own and the another person’s interests–a skill not readily available to people whose awareness, situational and otherwise, is deficient.

What happens if that awareness is not present and a taker takes what someone else wants, that’s considered theft. And if he gives what someone else doesn’t want, that’s an imposition, which only the most generous spirit doesn’t resent just a little.

I’m sure we all know people who give unsolicited and unsuitable gifts. They probably do it out of habit or in an effort to imitate what they see (directed by their superficial optics) other people do, without giving any consideration the what the intended recipient might like. We might call them selfish, but it seems likely that they are lacking in a sense of empathy. Then, if someone objects or displays ingratitude, they’ll, quite rightly, complain that nothing they do is ever right. Which would account for why conservatives are so determined to be right. If everything one does, especially on one’s own initiative, turns out wrong, being right may well become obsessive.