Selling off Sea Island, bit by bit

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. (AP) – The St. Simons Land Trust says it’s signed a contract to acquire a 2.3 acre tract that was once home to the Sea Island Stables.

Land Trust executive director Russ Marane says the trust will pay $2.6 million to acquire the site.

Marane says the trust will spend $150,000 on such projects as pruning trees, installing an irrigation system and general claeanup.

Marane says many people remember when Sea Island’s stables occupied the space, horses trotted around the fenced yard and chickens roamed freely. He says the area’s natural character will be maintained.

The trust has been involved in preserving about 265 acres on the heavily developed island.

“Heavily developed” my eye! The island, about the same size as Manhattan, has a year-round population of about 13,000. Paying over a million dollars an acre is a marketing ploy to make other land seem more valuable than it is.