Cowardly U.S.

It is cowardly to send air craft to attack persons on the ground–even more cowardly to dispatch drones with hellfire missiles to carry out assassinations by remote control. When a military spokesperson refers to “insurgents,” he’s as much as admitting that the targeted individuals are civilians. An insurgent is anyone who opposes the regime that claims to exercise authority.

NATO High Commander Issues Illegitimate Order to Kill

By Susanne Koelbl

The approach to combatting the drug mafia in Afghanistan has spurred an open rift inside NATO. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, top NATO commander John Craddock wants the alliance to kill opium dealers, without proof of connection to the insurgency. NATO commanders, however, do not want to follow the order.

A dispute has emerged among NATO High Command in Afghanistan regarding the conditions under which alliance troops can use deadly violence against those identified as insurgents. In a classified document, which SPIEGEL has obtained, NATO’s top commander, US General John Craddock, has issued a “guidance” providing NATO troops with the authority “to attack directly drug producers and facilities throughout Afghanistan.”,1518,604183,00.html