Medical Regimen

The medical professions have adopted a regimen of routine and recurring visits and check-ups to insure a steady income stream. At the sme time, they have broken the profession into specialties which involve patients in a web of “services.” Again, the object is to increase and spread income around.

Maternal care is inconsistent with this paradigm. Birth signals the end of a relationship, unless the woman can be talked into ancillary check-ups, tests and the monitoring of medical birth prevention systems. A physical installation like an IUD is not favored because there is no continuing “care.”

In a sense, health care is, similar to agriculture, simply not suited to the segmentation that is characteristic of industrialization. Organic existence depends on diversity to thrive. Uniformity is deadly. I wonder if that is why diversity in human organizations is meeting so much resistance. Is diversity perceived as fundamentally antithetical to social control?