Current Events

Many of our public servants, especially of the Republican persuasion, seem not to understand that the people govern. This failure can be partially explained by the fact that the people who issued the Constitution were a select group of white men who presumed to rule simply because they met little opposition from the majority of the population. Call it the “father knows best” principle which the colonies imported from British common law.

Then, after holding sway as tradition for almost two centuries, an extended period of war in the twentieth century suggested that perhaps male hegemony is not best and the female majority insisted on taking part in the civil sphere.
That is what is still being resisted on several levels, including under the umbrella of “woke.” But, it is too late. Minors are still classified as chattel even as they increasingly refuse to play the part. Every election cycle millions of young voters step up to govern, as is their right.

Leave it to the naive Ramaswamy to suggest changing the age of emancipation to 25.