When in Rome….

Ron DeSantis chatters about “classical education,” promoting the greatness that was Greece and Rome. But, I think he knows not of what he speaks. Poor Ron cannot even conform to the EuroAmerican cultures he seeks to lead.

Of course, therein lies the crux of the problem. Democracies are not designed to be led. Democracies hire experts to serve. Poor Ron not only seems irremediably inexpert; he’s the very model of what used to be recognized around the globe–the Ugly American.

It may be that Ron is lacking in situational awareness. So, he is always out of place and his assistants are no help. That’s probably because, in addition to ┬ábeing clueless, he’s mean. Voting for him as governor and expecting him to seek the presidency was perhaps seen as the quickest way to get him out of state.