Lawyerly Complicity

To what extent have lawyers been complicit in promoting frivolous and capricious law making? It seems obvious that every poorly drafted piece of legislation spells more revenue for lawyers. And, the supposed ethical code is a total farce,

If poor Donald is evidence of anything it is that the lawyers have been feeding on his carcass like sharks. Where has his inherited wealth gone? Into the pockets of lawyers. Now that scumbag Giuliani wants us to believe he is broke.

Money is not to blame; money is just a handy disguise for predatory exploitation–getting something for free.

Not content with one body of law, U.S. legal beagles tout common, case and Constitutional. At least now I know what the lawyers meant when they said the law does not mean what it says. It’s all a trick to deceive and the rest of the globe is complicit by sending us more crooks.

Welcome to the United States of Amnesia.