Clarence Thomas’ Revenge

Clarence Thomas is getting revenge for the fact that his qualifications for SCOTUS were challenged by that woman, “Anita Hill.” Now Harlan Crow’s assertion that he sent the grand nephew, grandson of a sister he never liked, to a private school because of his concern for at-risk youth is sure to be fodder for the fire of revenge.

Or perhaps Clarence Thomas is too dense to see that he was just a “charity case” for Crow, paraded around the globe like one of those poodles with a diamond studded collar.

The Kellyann Conway involvement is fascinating. Was she, like Ginni Thomas, slumming when she married George?

So, to flesh out the story: in 2008, when his sister’s grandson was six, Clarence Thomas assumed guardianship of Mark Martin and, within the year, sent the seven year old child off to a therapeutic boarding school in God forsaken Dahlonega, Ga. The school was about to go bankrupt and lose its accreditation, although its operations continued until 2011. How long did the boy stay there? Certainly, the next school, the Randolph Macon Academy in Front Royal, was a better choice and equally expensive.

Now Hidden Lakes is called lifeteen and advertises itself as a Catholic retreat center.

It is just possible that Clarence Thomas continues to be a really poor manager and Harlan Crow tried to help. It is possible that Thomas got through law school on a photographic memory and his response to personal inadequacies is to be super restrictive and abusive. It is not unusual for turpitude to be hidden behind a moral facade.