What’s the matter with Clarence Thomas?

He’s got no couth. How does a member of the U.S. Supreme Court let a billionaire stranger buy his mother’s house and spend $36,000 on renovations.

I used to wonder about some black people yammering about people with no pride. I suspect what they meant was no couth. Of course that was already obvious when he talked about pubic hair on coke cans.

Clarence Thomas is a perfect example of the worst consequence of discrimination –the promotion of incompetents to serve as the exception that proves the rule.

In short, Clarence is the very model of things left out to make a good story.


I might add that Clarence Thomas is apparently ashamed on Pin Point. Besides, the house in which he spent his early years and which his father abandoned is reported to have burnt down after he moved to grandfather in Savannah and his mother also moved there and took a job as a nursing assistant. Apparently, the cinder block house into which she retired had been a rental and was probably constructed about the time of the Varn Seafood factory, which Crow has refurbished as a heritage center.

Many black families appreciate their heritage; others do not want to be reminded. FactIs that the residential area adjacent to the church, which has been renamed, is home to a bunch of single-wides.