Election interference

That is what the NY DA is going to identify as the intent of the “catch and kill” scheme run by Peker and Trump. Three stories, including the doorman’s claim that there was another child by a housekeeper. Ronan Farrow is reported to have covered it in a book that we missed.

Trump seems convinced that an election is just another enterprise to be directed by the principle. Is he to be faulted for that misperception? After all, both the press and the campaign industry operate as if that were the case; that the voters are just an after-thought or rubber stamps of what the politicians and pollsters define.

There is no question that attacked the government of the U.S. with the same authoritarianism he deployed against all his ventures, with the same result: failure.

That is the problem with autocracy; it inevitably leads to failure. So, why does it keep being adopted as a behavioral frame? Autocrats have no choice. Their cognitive deficits mandate the behavior, unless someone imposes restraints.