Still waiting for indictment day

I am waiting to see more lawyers called to account. Michael Cohen was smart enough to survey the scene and set a trap. Did Cohen suss out the anti-semitism and prepare himself for being thrown to the wolves? Otisville was probably the safest place for him. It strikes me as interesting that Trump has nothing to say about Cohen. Also, he is silent about Obama. At some point fear does shut him up.

Meanwhile, Senator Fetterman has been discharged from hospital to spend spring break with his family in PA.

There are stories in the press about his wife having been harassed as a power seeker. Male hegemonists are antagonistic towards all women but, because they are cowards about whom they target. Black men and women are favorites because skin color serves as a convenient disguise. The spouses of strong women seem fair game. (Paul Pelosi comes to mind). Men who cater to women, along with the LGBTQ, are perceived as traitors by the hegemonists, who are not all male.
Male hegemony is basically authoritarian and has the advantage of relieving all subscribers of responsibility. The blind leading the blind being a preferred arrangement.