On authoritarianism, again

Authoritarianism is fake authority. The object of authoritarianism is to avoid/negate responsibility. A lack of accountability is not a side issue; it is the point.

The strategy is formalized in the Catholic church where the Pope’s claim to infallibility provides support for all kinds of vile behavior.
Pope Francis is now suggesting that priests be allowed to marry in response to the sexual abuse of boys. He does not understand that the commission of sin and its forgiveness upon confession is central to the confederacy of evil over which he is presiding. I do not think Michael Cohen understands the function of “mea culpa” in the Catholic power structure either. The admission of error is not designed to prevent more error; it is evidence of submission to authority, a voluntary abdication of free will. The Creator desires spontaneous love and respect; the Catholic church wants it to be coerced, by the fear of hellfire, if nothing else.
Why? Authoritarianism satisfies the aspirations of the male hegemonist. Effortless authority; that’s the ticket. Donald Trump is an iconic exemplar. All talk; no action.