Mar-a-Lago documents case

While this matter is pretty straight forward, a case of theft, there are two major problems.

One is that the perp does not recognize an obligation to follow laws, rules and traditions associated with the position into which he was hired, but he perceives to have won and does not want to give up. Let’s say Donald perceives the presidency as similar to a kewpie doll he won at th fair. If that is the case, then it is difficult to prove intent. There is a difference between keeping what one has and taking what belongs to someone else.

The second problem is the fact that the documents Donald was not supposed to have as a civilian cannot, for security reasons, be displayed in court. So, how does the prosecutor demonstrate that Donald was in possession of contraband? At this point, since the lawyer Corcoran has been ordered to testify, he can provide evidence, or not, of Donald’s intent. Just as Cohen set Donald up by insisting on repayment of the loan, Corcoran insured himself by recording phone conversations.

The witnesses have to be protected from retaliation. That is the take-away from Cohen, who realized that going to prison was his key to safety. It put him beyond the grasp of the Donald.

Finally, the reason Donald has gotten away with so much is because he was able to find complicit lawyers, who, if nothing else, convinced themselves that delay hurt no-one. Besides, consider the standard response to disease, which mitigates pain and prolongs the inevitable hour of death. I do not think that is the attitude women bring to either medicine or the law. Women know that deliveries have to be on time because delay can be deadly.