Republicans are religious

Republicans are convinced that government exists to compensate for when religious establishments fail to elicit the desired obedient behavior from an inherently flawed population. Indeed, what makes them special is their church attendance, which attests that they are right, regardless of their actual behavior. Church provides a shell of righteousness. It provides a belief system I accepted when I was about ten. Then, after following the dicta of the church for a dozen years, I discovered that behavior was not expected to be consistent.

The inconsistency between word and deed is not a matter of lip service. Nor is it evidence of hypocrisy. Rather, belief is all that is expected or required. I imagine that is how the extermination of a host of non-believers was historically justified. “Infidel” actually defines the issue. Those who do not believe deserve to be destroyed.

It is such a simple standard. Why is it not adopted by everyone? Because it involves the negation of reality. The imaginary and the real cannot exist at the same time.

The people who believe Donald Trump is still President have lost their cognitive minds. Catholicism provides the template.

I wonder to what extent the British common law has been influenced by cannon law. Why is Catholicism amoral?