Humpty Trumpty no longer

Now I’m thinking of the Emperor of Ice Cream who’s about to melt down on the hot sidewalks of New York.

On another matter–I was reading up on George Soros, a Hungarian Jew, like my friend Andy Hardy, who escaped during the revolution with his parents (his father was a coffee importer who tried to persuade me that he and his wife had an “open” marriage and when that did not work, introduced me to his son). Soros studied with Karl Popper, a philosopher I admire, and came up with the theory of reflexivity for the markets, which, I suppose, is similar to Jim Horrigan’s theory of the random walk, which discounts traditional modes of prediction.

So Soros is real, but when one compares his billions of figments to the $105 billion spent annually on lottery tickets, Soros’ agency is minuscule.