Marcus A. Silva v. Jackie Noyola

Marcus A. Silva has filed suit against three women who, he claims, assisted his former wife in procuring pregnancy termination pills.

He’s accusing them of assisting in the murder of his child. The suit will fail, among other reasons, because neither an unborn nor born child is considered a person under U.S. law. Children are chattel. Silva could charge theft, but a fetus has no actual or potential material value.

I have some sympathy. Paternal rights are on the chopping block. Males are being deprived of their traditional access to automatic social status via the successful impregnation of a female. Moreover, in being denied fatherhood, they are sentenced to the permanent removal of their DNA from the human genome. The promise of eternal life at the right hand of God provides cold comfort in the here and now.

Now Pope Francis wants to reconsider priestly celibacy.