Murdaugh to appeal

Well, duh. I would note that his shirts are an issue and have prompted the creation of Alex T-shirts for sale. What I am fairly sure of is that the white shirt he was wearing when the police first arrived was not the striped shirt he was wearing when he was interviewed in the squad car. Neither is the same as the one in the video recorded by Paul, which was a solid blue button-down.

I wonder whether the autopsy considered the stomach contents to determine approximate time of death. Alex told his sister-in-law that the killings were well planned and that Maggie had not suffered–a lie.

What I suspect is that M & P went to the kennels to check the dogs in Maggie’s car. Alex followed on the ATV after selecting and loading two of the five guns he considered and laid out on the pool table. After he shot them, after dark, he rode back to the house on the ATV, transferred the guns and clothes to his car, put on fresh clothes and drove to Almeda where he hid the guns and clothes near the gazebo on the west side of the house. All tire tracks around Moselle were obliterated by the arrival of the partners and family. The clothes and guns he retrieved the next day and deposited in some dumpster somewhere. The cops bought the initial revenge on Paul story (which he spouted to the first cop to arrive), then, after wandering off to change his shirt yet again, he distracted them with the feigned grief. Alex has to be confronting people to define how he is going to act.

The Parker Law Group offices in Walterboro are on Walter Street where the solid waste gets mechanically collected on Tuesday and Friday. Walterboro is about half an hour from the Almeda/Moselle area. Retrieving the bundle of guns and clothes from Almeda and putting them into a container on Walter Street would have been easy. The obit for Randolph Murdaugh said he died at Almeda on June 10, I think. How many times did Alex visit?

Randoph Murdaugh house where Jr. and III died. Driveway crosses the train tracks.

The train track is where R.Murdaugh Jr. met his untimely end. The sheds in the upper right corner is where Alex likely stashed the weapons and bloody clothes.

It seems that with habitual liars there is always some modicum of truth which proves persuasive.

Meanwhile, the feds have lodged a 20 something indictment charging wire and bank fraud.