The unbearable news

The news has become unbearable, not because it is bad or fake, but because events have been almost entirely replaced by opinions. The spouters are only generously referred to as “influencers”–as if that were a positive.

Is it inevitable that coerced humans respond by tring to influence someone else? What a sick puppy Ron DeSantis is! Another victim of an abusive male? How many more do we have to put up with? Has the increasing independence of women resulted in the intimidation of male children?

Do macho males target other males? The inferiority of the American male. Is it the inevitable but unintended consequence of the macho male?

It is fairly well understood that father/daughter incest is often tolerated, if not initiated by the wife. Is the male abuse of boys also supported as a preferred alternative to the risks associated with pregnancy?

Why is most reporting focused on victims? Is it because memory is stronger than experience and perpetrators do not know what they did? Are electronic recordings of events very upsetting in consequence.

Why does the U.S. justice system insist on proving intent when much antisocial and injurious behavior is prompted by instinct and habit, rather than intent? Trump is an habitual liar and so he keeps getting away with it.

I am not sure that “alternative facts” is a valid category of anything. It is, however, an oxymoron.