Two positives

Prosecutors in several states are having their autonomous functions reviewed. While the impetus seems to be coming from law makers who are upset that their un-Constitutional laws might not be prosecuted, prosecutors investigating, charging and bargaining for admissions to avoid jury reviews are a menace to society.

Typically, because one state where this is happening in Georgia and a super prosecutor is black, the review is being called racist. Somebody should be ashamed. More likely the justice system is getting more attention because of the increasing number of women in it.

The other matter getting new attention because of the Dominion lawsuit against FOX is the media habit of reporting fiction instead of fact. Trump called it fake news. It was considered a slur even though Trump surely knew fake anything is his friend. After all, that is what faith is all about.

Prediction and opinion are not news. Neither is regurgitating what someone else said. The AP should not have been calling elections all those years and neither should FOX.

Does polling increase or decrease voter participation? I think it is designed to trim the herd.

Why does the press want to participate in elections? It makes them feel important and supports a steady stream of revenue.