Before 2006, when flood insurance reform was passed by Congress, the largest distribution of dollars from the Feds to the states was via flood insurance subsidies. The dollar amounts were far greater than for crop insurance or HUD subsidies. Probably because most insurance is regulated by states to make sure the industry is stable, there is not much awareness how much money is involved.

Murdaugh and his partners dealt mostly in personal injury cases. Insurance fraud is a little like voter fraud in that the person entitled to the payment or the ballot is suspect when the whole delivery system is corrupt (violative of moral standards). I can see where the clients whom Murdaugh cheated were compliant. They did not feel entitled to the sums he collected in their behalf. Of course, the insurance salesmen are also complicit. Banker, bondsman and underwriters are all crooked. No wonder they are opposed to Medicare and the ACA. If they are prevented from cheating and scalping then the thrill of easy money is gone.

Imagine, Murdaugh was only ever involved in five trials. His whole existence was a matter of heritage. Alex Murdaugh inherited his public existence and then, just as happens with monetary fortunes, he threw it all away.

Insurance is a $58 Billion a year “industry.” So much time and energy going into passing symbols around! Of course, for Murdaugh, it was an opportunity to predate bloodlessly. Actually spilling blood did not come that hard. The “little detective” and the “little woman” stood in the way.