Gastric upset

Better today. Did not get up yesterday except for numerous trips to the toilet to fart, burp and expel liquified gas.

I only mention it because I suspect nitrites encountered in hot dogs and ham are the cause. Back in about 1982 I experienced a similar event which I came to blame on store ground beef. Perhaps the frequency of consumption is a trigger.

I am not good at “pushing.” Reminded of that from my first pregnancy and the five days I spent in hospital because I could not poop on command. About this time of day 58 years ago I thought I’d die, having had nothing to drink in about 27 hours. They gave me gas and I was out for several hours. I got to see the bald baby through the nursery window. She was a bright pink. Good thing I saw her so, when they brought a tan baby with black hair, I could send it back as not mine. They had bracelets then, but apparently, the practical nurses did not read. Now there are stories on the web about babies switched at birth.