Things I have been wondering about

Is sexual abuse of males by males a basic strategy to assert and express dominance? I am thinking of that Schlapp fellow who seemed to consider the invasion of a driver’s privacy a normal component of setting up a working relationship.

I have been wondering about this ever since Clarence Thomas apparently did not understand that his faux intimacy was offensive. Do women take offense at behavior that is considered normal among male? This is not to argue that women are too sensitive; rather, how males are socialized may be wrong. Does it all derive from the fact that American culture ha s little respect for the person?

Why do police refer to individuals they encounter as subjects? Are they taught to de-personalize?

How did a voting machine story that mights have been plausible in 2004 gain traction in 2020? Was Roger Stone just trying for a repeat of 2000.

Is it significant that dollars and ballots are both inherently worthless? Does that prompt the involvement of amoral, instinct-driven crazy people? Do figments attract flakes?

Why is the popular press fixated on prognostication to the exclusion of current events? Is it because they are mostly reporting gossip by people with an agenda?

What is the difference between right wing and left wing? Google says that generally “right” is associated with individual rights and free enterprise and, in the U.S., the Republican party. Well, if that is the case, it is delusional. There is no free enterprise when almost all businesses are licensed (to protect them from competitors) and almost all commerce is mediated by government issued currency.

Italy has a new Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, who claims to be center-right and Catholic, even as she would deny LGBTQ the right to rear children. But, I guess the inconsistencies disappear if what counts is the label, rather than the behavior. Reality is what one says it is. Speech defines reality.