New phrase–speculative economy

Bad News serves the gamblers on Wall Street, the financial world.

There are two economies: the real economy and the speculative economy. The real economy uses currency to mediate the trade of real goods and services; the synthetic economy deals with numbers as if they had value. The imaginary economy is consistent with belief. It is idealistic in Plato’s sense of ” first comes the idea.” Idealists are out of touch. They are not agents. Hiring them as agents of government spells disaster: e.g. the Iraq war.

The real economy is now being referred to as the “informal economy,” whose dimensions in the U.S. ($3 Trillion a year) are forcing a reconsideration of official economic strategies. The exchange of goods and services is simply unmanageable by a central authority because, like the weather, it is dynamic. It can be tracked, but it cannot be managed.


Remember that Mother Teresa bragged about depriving the sisters of basic comforts to make them more virtuous. Sadism disguised as sanctity. Teresa was recently declared a saint.
I suspect thay sacrifice and idolatry compensate for some psychological deficit that may be socially induced..
The human fetus takes nine months to mature and then it is only able to articulate distress. That is probably because many humans make poor parents.
U.S. law defines children as property in the mistaken belief that ownership prompts caretaking. It is the same rationale for private real property. History has proved that the presumption is false and for many humans ownership justifies abuse.