Health update

Now that I am almost 82, it seems time to take stock.

Think we avoided COVID with timely shots and boosters. However, the surgery on the nose has left me with a tissue consumption problem. I think the scar tisue on the inside causes the nose to “run.”

For a couple of months, I had a non- productive cough. That was followed by a couple of weeks of product that has now almost completely disappeared. Lots of flatulence, though and burping. I have switched to water to better flush the system.

The heart, without medication, seems to be behaving itself. Have not had tingling in either arm for several months. Standing at the stove for long results in back pain, but the right leg is better. Except for the big toe, which has a split nail problem–like I bumped into something and caused a crack at the base. We cut off a loose layer today.