Comment on Meidastouch

In response to the news of a documentary of official crime in Bakersfield.

How do you keep three hundred million people under control absent a military presence?
The answer in the U.S., as it was in Germany, is to target innocents (the unsuspecting) to provide witnesses with exemplars to demonstrate what happens when there is a lack of obedience. The witnesses, like the good Germans, are to be intimidated so they think to themselves “there but for the grace of god, or being white or being silent, go I.”
Triangulation. It is the mode of the kidnapper, the terrorist and the managers of the culture of obedience.
The U.S. legal system has a lax attitude towards abuse and ignores that abuse tends to escalate into violence. Moreover, there has to be an outside intervention because the victim resisting abuse risks even more serious injury to himself.
U.S. agents of law enforcement are ambivalent about abuse because they have been taught they can exact compliance and, of course, coerced compliance is inherently abusive.
Skin color provides a convenient explanation for what is on its face irrational behavior until you understand that the element of surprise is central to avoiding retribution.
Besides, the legal system is hung up on intent when the quest for power is based on irrational fear.
I experienced California (East L.A., Glendora, San Francisco, Palo Alto ) from 8-12 and have some fond memories, but applauded the Warrs riots. The merchant class are the willing executioners of daily exploitation.
When the 1950 census was recently published, I found my mother and myself. Oddly, all our black neighbors were not home when the census taker called. In 1960 my spouse took a census taker job to canvas areas in New Orleans that had been overlooked. He kept being arrested over and over for “impersonating a census taker” until his supervisor could spring him. The local powers that be did not want black people counted in 1960.

If the colonization of North America is seen as a commercial enterprise wiith a religious cover, then, of course, the merchant class continues to be relied on to exploit the populace.