The fake populism of Donald Trump

Republicans refer to government by the people as “populism” out of disdain for the people they are supposed to represent, particular those on the distaff side. While it was clear that candidate Trump had little respect for women, he did present as a champion of the common man until he turned to Congress to staff executive departments. Now Republican replacements are even worse than those he sucked out.

I suspect that it not just the little people that got suckered by the autocrat. But, they are likely the last to catch on because abuse is such a constant in their lives. Congress has been corrupt for a long time as a consequence of the factions and press acting in concert to hijack electoral and legislative procedures.

The founders specifically excluded sectarian organizations and the press from participating in governmental functions. But, under the guise of freedom from obligation, they have managed to insinuate themselves into unofficial organizational procedures–sort of like a virus riding in on a bug bite.

Nancy Pelosi anticipated the shift to actual government by the people and accommodated new members whose partisan affiliation is slim. Republicans, being mostly instinct-driven copy cats are trying to duplicate the experience of “the squad” with Kevin’s crazies. They are attempting the impossible and are bound to fail, but autocrats are used to that. Autocracy is not about success, but about posture. Looking like a winner, even as one whines, is what counts.

King of the beauty pageants and sports tournaments. Cock of the walk. Peacock.