Thought of the morning

Maintaining the population is a social concern, if only because each individual dies, but society can go on and on.

Unfortunately, children born in the U.S. are legally the property of parents whom society presumes to have an interest in making the children profitable. This presumption that ownership promotes profit is fundamental to the protection of private and public property by the federal government. “We are,” as GWB pronounced, ” an ownership society.” Settlers were given plots of land stolen from the Natives on condition they exploit the natural resources to produce a profit that could be taxed. The U.S. federation is just a corporation entitled to use force and all commercial corporations are just subsidiaries of the states. The question we might want to ask is whether a society organized to promote commerce is preferable to one organized to worship one or more deities. Clearly, the promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was a sales pitch that was forgotten a decade later when profit took its place.