Drag Queens

I had long wondered why heterosexual men were upset by homosexuals, since it seemed obvious that male partnering made more females available to “real” men. Eventually I decided that women are attracted to gay men because they get treated with respect and as friends. In other words, gay men are supportive, rather than exploitive of women. What’s not to appreciate?

Ore recently there has been a kerfuffle in the heterosexual community over men who dress and act (actually or dramatically) like women and the agitation is quite unrelenting. “Drag queens” are accused, by the male hegemonists, of “grooming” children to emulate a life style. But, at this point I suspect it is not about the children, but still about the “queers” making common cause with women. That is what is intolerable. Women are already a majority of the population. If their numbers are then augmented by egalitarian males, the male hegemonists will be way outnumbered.

Why is male hegemony attractive? Because it delivers social status automatically. It requires no effort to be somebody. The only other alternative for the incompetent is deception. That is where Anthony Devolder, aka George Santos, comes in.