For the record

Hannah Blog is one of three media platforms to which i contribute content. None is monetized to the extent that I can prevent it.

Although I have not agreed to monetization, I notice that some of my videos on Cyprespond now have ads and Youtube sends monthly reports about viewership as if I cared.

Hannah Blog has no counter and does not track visitors. I do not believe that an interest incurs an obligation of any kind.

The Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team has now been voluntarily terminated as a Georgia corporation because it never engaged in any monetary transaction, other than paying a yearly registration fee to the State of Georgia. But, I will continue to manage the Facebook page, as long as the ads for goods and services remain minimal. Years of hiding ads seems to have finally registered that commercial interests are not tolerated.

What do I have against commerce? Well, while I am fully supportive of voluntary trade and exchange, commerce is the realm of middlemen seeking to exploit both producers and users–legal highwaymen. Additionally, the system of symbolic exploitation identified as capitalism is actually nothing more than catholicism secularized–godless exploitation. No wonder that “godless communism” was resented by the old order!

Conservatives are proponents of the old order, aka male hegemony. What would be a more accurate adjective for the old order and male hegemony?