There are a few things I do not understand. One of them is the fascination with leaders. It is a Republican theme. When it was touted about Ronald Reagan, I used to opine that “if we have to have leaders, it is best they be dumb.”

But, what is really puzzling about the leadership crowd is that they do not follow. Indeed, they do not go anywhere. The leader is akin to the golden calf, an icon that exists to be admired and that is all. Meanwhile, while the population is lost in admiration, predators move in and consume everything in their path. Is there a connection between the preening predator and the dumb-fixed prey?

“Preening.” That is a good word. It is what personality hounds and evangelicals are about. “See how grand I am!” Poor Donald preening and strutting around the stage. Funny, his voice is mesmerizing but uninformative. Soon now his words will come back to bite him in the ass. The mainstream media seem totally unaware.