Last gasp of religion

A Comment on legal AF.

Declaring independence for establishments of religion is not preventing religion from influencing the government. The false historical interpretation was the result of the misidentification of restrictions as rights.
If the people govern, then the exclusion of religion from supervision affirms that the myth-makers are free to manipulate the populace.
The U.S. is a christian nation because it was set up to perpetuate male hegemony. Man’s dominion is now in jeopardy because women and their supporters are ascendant.
Let me suggest that the fixation on male dominion is unfamiliar to matrilineal societies.

And then there is the law. Why is abusive instigator Trump not being held to account?

Yes, but the U.S. is a corporation, a person designed to deny personal responsibility.
Consider the Mafia. They did not run afoul of the law until they lied on their tax returns.
The Constitution, which was designed to accommodate the buying and selling of human beings classified, as are children to this day, as chattel.
If people are property, then abuse is a misdemeanor, behavior that is just somewhat inconsistent with the norm.
Strange. So much of U.S. culture is fixated on victims, but when it comes to abuse, the interests of the abuser dominate.