Financial Professional

I have got to vent. Byron Donalds is a Congressperson from Cape Coral, Florida who embarrassed himself by seeking the Speaker of the House position after having held office for just one term. As if that was not bad enough, Donalds has since sat for several media interviews, still convinced that because he’s a “financial professional” he is qualified to legislate.

I made the mistake of watching some of his interview with Roland Martin, who is rightly critical of Donalds’ vote against the certification of Biden because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that the counting of votes needs to be extended to accommodate mailed ballots from overseas.

Yes, this is a Florida issue because in 2000 GWB was declared elected before all the ballots were received and counted. Republicans can only hold office if the base is inattentive, like the folks in NY that elected Santos, or ballots are thrown out.

One other thing to mention is that the whole “electoral college” thing is highly irregular because the electors are designated irregularly. But then the way Congress operates is irregular because procedure has been handed over to illegitimate factions. Never mind that the religious incantations are also illegitimate.