Confederacy of Prosecutorial Immunity

The sudden prominence of prosecutors in the news may seem surprising. But, thereis an explanation. You see, by expanding like an amoeba, the position they hold has morphed into the repository of unique potency. They are accountable to no-one.

Well, in some jurisdictions they periodically stand for review and election. But, the vast majority of the electorate has no idea what the job involves and those people who have intimate knowledge are either in prison or precluded from voting. So, the prosecutorial confederacy is virtually impervious to review.

Michael Cohen knows what’s up and he’s talking. Cohen is convinced the corruption is in the DOJ and threatens to expose it. So, to head him off at the gate, Garland, in particular, is looking to be irreproachable by bring in personnel whose prior history is largely unknown. Let’s say Garland is bending over backwards to be perceived as fair. Which, of course, is what the insinuations of partisanship by Trump are designed to produce. It is the same strategy which has turned the press into the mouthpiece of crooks, in and out of government.

Some proponents of male authority are arguing that Trump has exposed the corruption that is present in Washington. I actually agree, but it is not the corruption they imagine. Corruption is not in the swamp, but on the Hill. Over a hundred members of Congress were prompted to expose themselves as disdainful of the electorate. Now question is whether it will be enough to nail George Santos’ hide to the wall or will the electorate go for more scalps.