Principles and Democrats

So, Democrats are committed to government by the people. Moreover, “people” is an inclusive concept. It is hard to specify the meaning of “inclusive,” because the process of enumeration, what’s included, risks leaving somebody out. Which, I guess, makes “participatory democracy” a better phrase. In that context, representative democracy means that we are governed by stand-ins who are not actually responsible for anything. Which is what Republicans espouse. “Allow me to represent you so neither of us is responsible.” ‘Tis entirely consistent.

But, Republican has been rendered entirely inappropriate. The daddy party of patriotism, paternal responsibility, paternalistic authority in the interest of male hegemony has entirely disappeared. when social status is validated by skin color as in “white supremacy,” there is no status.

Forget poor Donald’s effort to make himself orange.

Anyway, the daddy party has now devolved into the Deadbeat party. Why is it not pronounced ded•bet?