Throwing money and other hypotheses

Is it plausible that, knowing the stuff is worthless, hoarders throw money at unlikely projects just to be rid of the proponents? Sort of like sticking a pacifier in a baby’s mouth. What would I do to shut Donald Trump up? His whining is quite insufferable. Wheedling Donnie.

Lincoln was not shot because he freed the slaves, but because he proclaimed that the people rule. While the Constitution reads “the people, who gover” that comma can be read as signaling a limitation, as well as an elaboration. When Lincoln said “government of the people, by the people and for the people” he left no doubt what he meant, although, as a matter of convenience, a huge segment of the population chooses not to understand the meaning of prepositions.

In effect, there is no evidence the social status of women and children was changed by the Emancipation Proclamation. Perhaps it was assumed that “freedmen” included women, but that argument did not interfere with the adoption of an amendment to prevent gender from limiting the performance of civic obligations.

The Equal Rights Amendment, which has not been adopted, would effect a change since, presumably, the rights of men would not be reduced to achieve equality.

Republicans are not alone in being dishonest about what they actually want. Besides, it is not clear that the ERA would spell finis to the caregorization of minors as property.

Is it possible to illuminate the difference between minors and minorities? Or is the focus on minorities a conscious effort to maintain the status quo of children, much as the focus on race is designed to eclipse gender?


just as Lincoln was removed because he promoted the people governing, Richard Nixon had to be removed because of his support for a guaranteed income at a time when money was to maintain a stratified society. And, since the country did not have the stomach for yet another assassination, Nixon had to be framed. Which raises the question whether it is just a coincidence that the people in Nixon’s White House tried to engineer Trump’s coup–a last desperate effort to secure male hegemony in the land?

What is it that sets the “universal religion” and its improved version, Islam, apart from other belief systems? Male hegemony.

Just to be clear, one does not need to be male to be a male hegemonist.

Finally, it looks like I am not going to be able to discuss hegemony as an impulse or attitude because the common consideration seems to be in terms of its effect–like defining a cold in terms of sneezing instead of the virus that triggers the response. Agency, it seems to be the most overlooked organic characteristic.