Legal considerations in prosecuting the insurrectionist

Georgia has rather strict laws governing candidates which were likely originally intended to deter certain populations from fielding candidates. If these laws now serve to bite the segregationists it will be justice.

Another point to consider is that presidential electors are designated by political parties and then accepted by public officials and certified as sort of an honorary position for a ceremonial event. The political parties have a variety of methods for designating the electors. In Georgia they are designated at state party conventions in an election year and prior to the election. So, if people substituted themselves after the election, that could be considered a fraud..

Not everything is covered by law.

I might mention that the spouse, who stood for public office three times in Glynn County as a Democrat was strongly pressured by Republicans to change his party designation and promised their support of him. He refused and, predictably, was not elected.

After the first time there were no publc forums scheduled at which all candidates could be queried. More than two years after the second election, he was notified that there had been a complaint about his visit to a polling location that was not his own and in the spring of 2020 he received notification from election review committee assigning a fine, which he would be able to contest, after the fact though there had been no notice of any kind of hearing before the fine was levied.

Since the sum was relatively minimal (less than it would cost to attend a hearing in Atlanta, we just paid it counted it as a learning experience. So, given this history, the interest in prosecuting Trump does not come as a surprise. Neither does the recording of the last phone call from Trump since his people did not take no for an answer the first couple of times.

It should probably also be remembered that Raffensperger was elected in a run-off which Democrats pretty much ignored because the position was not considered important. The business community just thinks of the SoS as a registration agency.

What is illegitimate is the political parties. The political parties have been wielding influence in the name of the people.
The parties are acting comparably to “in loco parentis” in the political realm.
We are on the verge of government by the people and the parties, with the comlicity of the press, are clinging to the old order.
If one considers that “parent” refers to the male, as it did in British law, then the conservative agenda is to maintain male hegemony, a social system which some females find agreeable.
From the perspective of children, parents are care takers; parents, however, are inclined to exploit their property.