Doing and Being

How to explain the difference between function and essence to someone who does not see or recognize function or doing? How to explain someone who does to someone who doesn’t? How to explain the meaning of “not” to a person who is ignorant of opposites and negatives? How many human brains are so limited?

I see a horse running or standing or eating or drinking. An instinct-driven person just sees a horse and feels admiration or fear, depending on his prior experience. So, that is an example, but does it make sense? If the fear response is just automatic, it may just be because retreat from the new is safer than engagement.

I realize this is the holiday season and I am a wet blanket. I have never liked holidays because they are insincere.
Some children are disappointed to get new clothes for Christmas. I was supposed to be pleased that my doll got a new dress. I got the children clothes when needed. What they actually liked best were hand-me-downs from slightly older friends.
Parents wanting to be their children’s friends always struck me as weird. But, I guess if the society considers them property, treating children like play things makes sense. I just wanted to nurture independent, useful human beings.