Citizens enforce the laws.

When a member of the SCOTUS utters that opinion, it is an accurate representation of the fact that the courts/judges have no enforcement powers. They rely on the voluntary compliance of honest persons. On the other hand, the exceutive branch can impose total restraint, via incarceration, even though coercion is still out of the question.

How do we deal with an executive who’s not just incompetent, but intentionally criminal? The saga of Donald Trump will inform us. Meanwhile, although the citizenry has removed or prevented the hiring of incompetents, I do not think that function as an accountability measure has not been emphasized enough. That none of the celebrity candidates promoted by Donald Trump were elected in the midterms has only just begun to register. Ditto that voters made selections on the basis of qualifications rather than party affiliation.

The Republican effort in Georgia to make election day turn-out determinative obviously failed. That libertarian voters and Republican abstainers eliminated Trump in 2020 still has not fully registered. Katie Porter and AOC are not letting up. Like The Lincoln Project, they are committed to retail politics.

Getting the electorate to recognize that calling officials to account is their responsibility is the next step.