“Nobody is above the law.”

That is not true. The ordinary moral person is only sbject to the injunction not to cause insult or injury to another. “The rule of law binds government and all its officials.” That is the preachment of Justice Anthony Kennedy and I agree.

The currently oft-repeated mantra about “no man” is an effort to obscure that a whole slew of office holders have behaved as if they had extraordinary powers and were immune from being called to account.

There is reason. Although impeachment and removal is a Constitutional provision, it has not proved effective against the highest officials and Gerald Ford set a precedent by short-circuiting indictment with his pardon of Richard Nixon. Donald Trump had good reason to think himself untouchable. That he might be charged with stealing documents like those he fly shed down the toilet was probably inconceivable.

Richard Nixon ordered the burglary of a psychiatrists office to steam some medical records about an antagonist. If he is indicted, it will be ironic that Donald Trump falls victim to the same quirk in the legal system as Richard Nixon: the primacy of tangible physical evidence presented by words on paper.
Spoken words are written on the wind; words on paper last to come back to do harm.

“Words will never hurt me” is also a lie.

That said, the impeachment of Donald Trump is not inevitable. It depends almost entirely on whether the DoJ perceives its autonomy is protected/enhanced by a prosecution. Perhaps the Senate going after the SCOTUS will be encouraging